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A Growing Star Warrior - Episode 2
Episode 2 – King Dedede, bird watcher?
“Oh, look Escargon! A Macaw, even an Owl! Over there! It’s a -!” King Dedede yelled, atop his private balcony.
“Why do like to go bird-watching?” Escargon said, not interested in His Majesty’s hobbie.
King Dedede removed his binoculars from his eyes and looked at him. He looked happy, which was quite rare, besides his wicked smile he used when attacking Kirby with a newly ordered Demon Beast.
“Because I just do.” He said with without thinking. He then took a book that was lying on his table.
“I thought you couldn’t read.” The snail mocked.
“It’s not a reading book, it is where I put all the pictures of the birds I find…” He answered.
“What about that one?” Escargon pointed below them.
It was Kiara, swooping by before disappearing from their sight behind the castle walls. King Dedede caught Escargon’s attention. He was fuming. Well,
:iconluigiandmarioisawsom:luigiandmarioisawsom 3 3
Additional Ref. - Khadii by luigiandmarioisawsom Additional Ref. - Khadii :iconluigiandmarioisawsom:luigiandmarioisawsom 1 0 [BtGS] - Khadii by luigiandmarioisawsom [BtGS] - Khadii :iconluigiandmarioisawsom:luigiandmarioisawsom 1 0
A Growing Star Warrior - Episode 1
Episode 1 – Backstory of the New
I was standing on one of the many balconies of Castle Dedede, watching the stars and the peaceful village of Pupupu Land. The only sound I could hear was a quite wind and the scuffling of feet of the Waddle Dees. I closed my eyes. I then began to here footsteps that the Waddle Dees didn’t make.
“Kiara, it is getting late, and dinner has just been prepared…” It was Fumu, the daughter of the Cabinet Minister, Parm. I was taller than her, but not as tall as her father, or mother, Memu.
“Sorry Fumu, I was just watching the town and the stars, I’ll be there in a few moments…” I sigh. Me and Fumu has been great friends since the day I meet her.
“Okay. If you don’t hurry up, Kirby might eat your supper, he’s staying the night.” She turned around, letting her ponytail go this way and that. But I heard her stop in her tracks.
“I have been told Sir Meta Knight’s backstory, a
:iconluigiandmarioisawsom:luigiandmarioisawsom 4 0
This is my gallery.
So yeah...
Who wants cookies?


My Teacher's Song by PitchBlackEspresso My Teacher's Song :iconpitchblackespresso:PitchBlackEspresso 66 10 open by LammaiAeran open :iconlammaiaeran:LammaiAeran 15 3 Commish: Super Luigi Odyssey by SaccharoKirby Commish: Super Luigi Odyssey :iconsaccharokirby:SaccharoKirby 403 39 [AUCTION] Evil Octopus Adopt [OPEN] by gemmingi [AUCTION] Evil Octopus Adopt [OPEN] :icongemmingi:gemmingi 14 2 Strugger by Tallur Strugger :icontallur:Tallur 35 13 Somnia the DreamEater(Iil assistants added) by BrokenWingsOfLight Somnia the DreamEater(Iil assistants added) :iconbrokenwingsoflight:BrokenWingsOfLight 20 26 [COMM] Arkeis-pokemon by SkyGiratina00 [COMM] Arkeis-pokemon :iconskygiratina00:SkyGiratina00 152 33 I see everything by great-Skua I see everything :icongreat-skua:great-Skua 8 0 Commission- Prologue- Volan by Lilith-the-5th Commission- Prologue- Volan :iconlilith-the-5th:Lilith-the-5th 45 9 Open species stuff - Marsipods by Sick-Victorian Open species stuff - Marsipods :iconsick-victorian:Sick-Victorian 31 7 Sergei sketch by Konnestra Sergei sketch :iconkonnestra:Konnestra 9 0 Alternative Ghirahim design by Megaloceros-Urhirsch Alternative Ghirahim design :iconmegaloceros-urhirsch:Megaloceros-Urhirsch 37 13 open by LammaiAeran open :iconlammaiaeran:LammaiAeran 30 0 Governor by Yvem Governor :iconyvem:Yvem 25 16 Argus: Praesidium Vigilo by Francoyovich Argus: Praesidium Vigilo :iconfrancoyovich:Francoyovich 56 4 getting serious by LammaiAeran getting serious :iconlammaiaeran:LammaiAeran 21 1
Favourites, obviously. A.K.A., my trash heap! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I tried to organise the my favourites into different folders, but I reliesed that I had too many favourites and it was going to take a long time. The message here guys, is that if you want something done, do it the first time you sign into this cursed site.


As a Pokemon lover myself, I have seen countless pictures with people and their Pokemon. Very few grasp a loving inner touch like this ...



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3DS Friend Code - 0018 - 1819 - 6771
I've got Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Mario Kart 7, Super Smash Bros. 4 and Pokemon: Omega Ruby! I have some Phione's and Rotom's if you are interested in trading.
If you are to add me to your friends list, I would like to have your Friend Code too!
I have a Tumblr. It's full of poopy --> youwillneverguessmyurl.tumblr.…
The reason why none of the stuff there is seen here and the vice versa is because I don't like my stuff being seen per se, because I'm a dodo head and it's just personal preference.

Team Rito Stamp by IrisHime Rito Stamp by Rito-Tribe Zelda Fan Bilingual by HarmonicSonic Zelda Nerd Stamp by Magica-28 SidlePlz by fricken-pimp Kirby Fan Stamp by toki28 Kirby Powers Stamp by nakashimariku META KNIGHT IS EPIC by oceanographergrl Meta Knight Stamp by Cozigiraffe Epic Charge- Sword and Blade Stamp by Cozigiraffe Sirica Stamp by migueruchan Tiff/Fumu Stamp by migueruchan Dreamland by kirby Knuckle Joe Stamp by Arrol-S Kirby Stamp by TheEmptyCanvas Super Mario stamp by angelasamshi Mario Stamp by xNintendoLuveer Luigi Stamp by xNintendoLuveer Mario Bros Stamp by ShinyZango Super Mario Galaxy Music by chic-sheik Super Mario Galaxy Stamp Five by MandiR Jon Tron Stamp by WeirdHyenas STAMP - Jon 1 by Taibu-Kettu Game Grumps by cutgut PBG Stamp by TheDekuLegacy PeanutButterGamer Stamp by GreenFeline777 The LEGO Movie Stamp by LoudNoises Chuggaaconroy by Marlenesstamps Nintendo Appreciation Stamp by Nintendo-DA-Club Nintendo -Stamp- by DrXtreme 389 - Torterra by PokeStampsDex 398 - Staraptor by PokeStampsDex 405 - Luxray by PokeStampsDex 447 - Riolu by PokeStampsDex 441 - Chatot by PokeStampsDex 445 - Garchomp by PokeStampsDex 145 - Zapdos by PokeStampsDex Zelda Spirit Tracks STAMP by FJLink Link Stamp by ILikeLlamasAndCake Prince Komali Stamp by ILikeLlamasAndCake Medli Stamp by ILikeLlamasAndCake King of Red Lions Stamp by ILikeLlamasAndCake Tetra Stamp by ILikeLlamasAndCake Medli Stamp by BeagleTsuin Skyward Sword Stamp by HystericDesigns The Legend of Zelda Stamp - Quill by Black2WhiteMystery The Legend of Zelda Stamp - Komali by Black2WhiteMystery Komali x Medli stamp by HystericDesigns


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I just love the feeling of going into something with a fresh mind and the only thing you could do was think about it, day in and day out. Something that you were truest passionate about. Sleepless nights arose because of the wondrous feeling that you get everytime you think about it. The feeling of a bad day saved because of what you found to be interesting, life changing, even. The curiosity always brought you back for more and what you might find. Bt then one day, you finish the story, the fandom gets a little bland or the characters don't stick to you as they once did when you first saw it. Sure, they are still your absolute favourite, but the feeling isn't there any more. You wish you could get lost in them once again and have the feeling wash over you like a soothing shower. I wish to have that feeling again. Who else?

TL;DR: The first time you get into a fandom, story, character, ect. can be very pleasing to the eye and mind. But just for old time sake, you wish to get into it again, just like the first time. does anyone have the same feeling as me or is it something that everyone accepts and moves on? 
My friend, :icongirlofhearts101: is doing a poll to help make up her mind for an OC! The OC that will be getting a name is the little boy on the right! <da:thumb id="554244884"/>
More of him can be seen here, too!<da:thumb id="555300362"/>

The poll is here~:

Please contribute!
  • Listening to: Super Mario 3D OST.
  • Reading: Maximum Ride. (Hopefully.)
  • Watching: Mew Mew Tokyo
  • Playing: Pokemon: Omega Ruby
  • Eating: Noodles.
  • Drinking: Hot Milo.



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